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Why the Pilates V?

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I have really been enjoying Sonje Mayo’s classes. I especially love her class that was based on the C Curve in mat exercises. That class clarified a lot of questions I had about the C Curve. I wondered if she would be interested in give a class about the Pilates V. For example why we use it and what exercises is it best utilized. I find it confusing that some instructors cue parallel legs while others cue the V. I would really love to hear her opinion on the subject.

Thank you,


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Hi C!
Thank you so much for your feedback. I too find Sonje's teaching very helpful so I'm delighted to know you're loving it too.
I will definitely ask her to do a video on the Pilates V and can offer my own knowledge of why we use this position in the meantime since I know it will be a while before we see her again.
I was always told by my first teachers that this position is the natural alignment that our legs create if our skeleton is simply hanging from the ceiling.
By using it when we are lying down we engage the muscles that wrap around the legs which are key to stability in the pelvis.
When teachers choose to use parallel leg position instead it can be for many reasons including emphasizing the engagement of the inner thighs, or to help align the legs better in the case of knock knees or ankle issues etc.
Hope that's helpful and I'll definitely get Sonje to address this topic for you because it's a good one!