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Hi there

I’m hoping for a bit of guidance. I’ve enjoyed Pilates for many years on and off but I’ve never managed to remain consistent with a routine past 6 months. I’m really motivated at the moment to change my lifestyle and want Pilates to be a big part of this as when I do practice I really enjoy the mental and physical benefits. However, now I’ve also got the battle of needling to lose weight (about 24lbs) and so don’t know really where to start.

Please can you help guide me to an effective workout schedule which includes Pilates but also weight loss?

thank you - M

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Hi M,

Thank you for writing and congratulations on committing to changing your lifestyle!

For a sustainable workout schedule, I would aim for practicing Pilates 3-5 times a week and walking outside if weather permits for an hour or as long as your schedule allows every day. Make both something you do to bring you joy and infuse them with little rituals that you love, like walking around a favorite park or meeting up with a friend to do Pilates in a park or putting lemon or mint in your water or putting your workout clothes out the night before so it's easy to hop into them and go.

If you make your commitment to yourself something you enjoy and share that enjoyment with others it's so much more fun and easier to stick with it. Know that it's the little changes that really matter so even if you only have time for 5 minutes of Pilates or a short walk, it's the cumulative effect that matters so try not to skip, you'll feel much better.

If you need help with a creating a Pilates plan for yourself, we have a workout calendar feature on our website (it's a different thing on our mobile app). To find it, open the website on any computer and login. There's a button at the top of the page, or just click this link:

Also here's our Beginner progressions in case you need a Pilates refresher: