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What Equipment Do You Recommend for Home Use

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Hi There,

I've been really enjoying the pilates workouts on the site. I joined in October and have been doing the sessions about 4-5 times per week. I'm currently working through the 30 day intermediate challenge. Next up I will do the magic ring challenge.

I'm thinking of adding some equipment to do more workouts, and was wondering if you had a preference for the Wunda Chair or Spine Corrector. I took Pilates classes at Equinox several years ago, so I've worked out with both pieces of equipment. They're both great, but is one better than the other for someone who's at an early intermediate stage?

I've really enjoyed the increased core strength I've gained over these months, and I think that improved strength has helped my mobility in other areas such as my hips and lower back, since they are no longer 100% responsible for handling everything.

Long term I may end up getting both pieces of equipment but if you have a suggestion on which I should get first, let me know. And I have seen the foldable reformers out there that slide under your bed like the IQ reformer, so if you really think I would get a lot more out of reformer, let me know. I live in a small 1 bedroom in NYC, so a reformer seems daunting. Thanks!



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Hi B
Thanks for your note, I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the workouts!
For your equipment question, I personally would get a Wunda Chair first because it's one of my favorite pieces of apparatus and it's a huge strength builder.
The Spine Corrector will be less expensive if that's part of the decision but the Chair can be turned so that the pedal becomes a seat--stick a pillow on the back and it's a great piece of furniture in your NYC apartment.
I find when I have a Spine Corrector at home it's a little bit in the way so unless you plan on hanging it on the wall consider that it will be a bulky thing sitting around.
I'd vote no on trying to cram a Reformer in for now--I can recommend about a hundred studios in the city for you to try--many of our teachers are there.
Have fun and let me know how it goes!