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What can I do to improve my extensions?

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Hi Alisa,

I hope you’re having a great day!

So here’s the problem. I STINK at extension work! I have been doing Pilates faithfully now for 2 months and LOVING Pilatesology! I started with the pre-Pilates videos, transitioned to the beginner series of your 10 videos and then graduated myself to other basic/intermediate workouts. I have noticed big changes in my ab strength - but my back muscles still seem so weak and all the extension mat exercises I am still struggling with!

Any advice for me?


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Hi K!

Oh yes the dreaded extension plateau! I know it well myself.
Honestly my best advice is to stick with it and be patient. 
It does get easier and it's absolutely crucial to keeping us vertical, especially as we age so don't give up.
Here's some workouts that have extension as part of the focus:
And here's some observe & learn videos with extension:
I bet you'll find some help in there. You can also look up mat exercises you get stuck on in the Pilatesology Encyclopedia.
If you think part of the problem is tightness in your upper body you might benefit from purchasing a small barrel or spine corrector. There's some examples in the videos above so you can think about that.
Hope that helps!