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Spondylolisthesis Safe Workouts

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Hi Alisa!

I actually have a spondylolisthesis and have a hard time finding a mat pilates video that does not involve 
pilates roll down/ roll up/ Teaser/ C Curve heavy exercises that puts pressure on my back.
I'm a pilates teacher trying to diversify my offering to students. Any creative flow / intermediate short videos on mat pilates will be helpful.
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Hi J!
Do you have instructions from a PT that flexion isn't good for your particular spondy?
In my experience its extension exercises that are contraindicated not flexion but maybe there's something additional going on in your case that makes flexion painful...
Let me know and regardless, here's some suggestions to get you started:
- if you feel like getting an in-depth review here's a full length workshop aimed at teachers on this condition. the teacher is :
- here are workouts that fit into our Spine Safe category which means they are all designed to keep the spine long, with little to no flexion, twisting or extension:
- I pulled this list using our filters and selected for Intermediate, Mat, and some of the shorter durations, there's loads of creative flows in here:
If you find a class that fits what you're looking for please let me know and I'll send you loads more!
All the best,