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Should I get a home Reformer?

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What do you think of the home reformers? Is there one you would recommend.
Any workouts you recommend to help straighten legs(tight hamstrings), and to build strength. I am almost 60 and have been doing Pilates at a studio for a couple of years. So far, I love the site as it is traditional and familiar to me from the studio!

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If you like doing mat work I would suggest tricking out your mat situation first with these items (you can find them in our 5">store):
Magic Circle
Arm Weights
Leg Weights
If you have space and think you'll use it, I like the Stamina / AeroPilates brand for home use. It's on the budget side so it's not a massive investment although I would suggest buying the box which I don't think comes with it--it's an add on that you might have to go to their website to find. We only have a few workouts on the site that don't use a box because it's a key part of the foundational work on the Reformer.
The best thing for helping those is to really watch out for your pelvic alignment when you're doing your mat so that when you stretch you're actually getting your hamstrings and not something else. Try this video with Sonje Mayo, where she explains this concept: T">  or this one which is an intermediate level: c">
Thanks for being with us!