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Progressing from a Pilates Beginner to Intermediate

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Hi Alisa

I’m a beginner at Pilates, I did beginner reformer classes for about 6 months but but haven’t done any for the past year. I was googling online Pilates classes and found pilatesology. I’m doing the beginner 30 day at the moment and hope to progress to intermediate however I’m not very flexible and really struggle with tight hamstrings and backs of my thighs so can’t straighten my legs. I’m not sure if this may hold me back from progressing to intermediate...

Thanks, B
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Hi B,

You're not alone in having tight hammies -- it's a common issue.
Here's a few classes that you might find helpful: Increase Flexibility
If you have trouble with certain exercises it's totally ok to keep your legs a bit bent so that you can keep your pelvis aligned. 
Don't feel you're failing if you see teachers with ridiculous flexibility - I always tell my clients who have tighter musculature that they are in many ways lucky because it's the flexible people who end up with the most injuries. 
Just keep moving -- even if you never progressed farther than basic, those are the key exercises in the method and if you only did those every day you'll see a huge difference in your body.
Thanks so much for being with us Bethany I'm glad you're here!