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Pilates Workouts safe for tear in the rotator cuff tendon

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I have signed up for your app because research is showing it to be one of the best Pilates apps available.  I used to go to a Pilates studio and used all the equipment enjoying the exercise immensely and had enough hours under my belt to be certified.  I practiced at an advanced level but have backed up to intermediate as it has been about 5 years since I have taken a class.  I’ve been doing the LaGree Method and in the process have a tear in at rotator cuff tendon.
Long answer to a short question that I am looking for classes that do not use my shoulder or use them lightly!
Hoping I can find a few but if you know specific recommendations, please send!
Thanks - H
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Hi H!

It's actually pretty easy to modify for your shoulder so you can do most of our classes without having to look for specific workouts. Here's how:
1) What you want to do is reduce the range of motion so that you are never moving that arm into risky territory. 
So if the teachers says reach your arms over your head, you'll leave your arms down by your side or up to the ceiling or wherever doesn't bother you right now. Slowly over time you may be able to increase that range of motion but your goal is to never feel pain so if you think you're sneaking up on the line where pain might happen - back off. 
2) For movements where your arms reach out to the side, place your hands crossed on your chest. This is a very supportive position and you can use it for lots of other movements like rollups instead of reaching the arms up.
3) When the workout moves onto the stomach you can do all of the movements with your arms by your sides. For planks keep your knees down and practice stretching one leg out at a time for now. 
The good news is, injuries like this make us really strong in ways we don't expect! Without your arm you're going to be getting a killer core workout every time. 😁
FInally, I pulled a list of classes to try and this in particular might be useful as improving upper body mobility is useful for shoulder stuff:
Here's the whole list:
All the best!