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Pilates Workouts for Runners

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Hey Alisa
Just thought I’d reach out as I’m contemplating returning to Pilatesology 😊
I tried to fit Pilates in with my ultra running but poor application and just plain ol’ excuses saw me go nowhere 😔
Anyway, my running year was fraught niggles which I’m only just getting to the bottom of. I’ve learnt that I have a few imbalances, namely a weaker right side around my psoas/iliacus muscle groups. 
I now know that to continue running long I’ve gotta really work on my core. I love Pilates and am keen to try teaching online.
So, my question - we have a reformer at home and of course mat’s, where would I begin with Pilatesology teaching to really build out a much stronger core to support my running? Are there things that I could do to focus for example on that psoas/iliacus area or is the teaching more general?
Thanks again,
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Hey M,
Thanks for your note, I think we have 2 perfect programs for you that will address the imbalances you're dealing with.
This is the one I'd suggest starting with. Beyond her incredible Pilates expertise, Shari is a scientist with degrees in both biomechanics and ergonomics. Her research on the fascia of the lower back (where your psoas attaches) is groundbreaking and this series teaches you exactly what you need to do to rebalance that fascia and wake up your weaker side. Her mat series ends with a Reformer session and I've included an additional Reformer workout of hers as well:
This series with Jessica Marcussen is focused on activating the feet and the hips in slightly different ways than Shari's and is also incredibly effective, It is mostly mat with a Reformer class at the end:
Check those out and let me know how it goes!