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Pilates Workout for Strength

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I have really enjoyed the classes I have taken so far and feel more control and understanding with my movements. Something I really enjoyed going to the gym was my Pilates class that fused a lot of strength into it - if you could advise me of a class/teacher along those lines that would be great. Thank you again.

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Thank you for joining us! 
I love your question about adding strength moves to your matwork. I think you'll enjoy Michael Johnson's workouts a lot:
And I pulled this list for you. I included our mat classes with Magic Circle (use a slightly deflated ball if you don't have a circle yet) and Arm & Leg Weights. Both props are awesome to have at home for spicing up your workouts and trust me--start out with a little less weight than you think you need!
You can filter this list down by clicking off the stuff I selected under Apparatus or by selecting Durations you want or Level, etc... Just note that the top left filter that says "workouts" right now can be changed to "everything" which gives you all of our Observe & Learn classes as well.
Oh and you can find our reccs for props in our store here:
If you can't see the filters on your screen please let me know so I can help.
All the best!