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Pilates for Horseback Riding

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Hi Alisa,
There’s So Many options it’s a little overwhelming. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations that will help for horse riding?? it really is overall fitness needed, but core strength and hip flexibility are probably top of my list of things to start working on. I was at an intermediate stage (could do some advance moves) but haven’t done Anything for 4yrs and Finally have a horse again, which is giving me the nudge to get back into Pilates- it’s essential to have core strength riding!!
I like the 8 minute mat class, wondering if there is anything a bit stronger/longer along those lines? I get lost in watching workouts and don’t have heaps of times trying to find suitable classes. Love the reversals mat- i’m not strong enough to do all the moves Yet however! 
ok. thanks again and hope your having a great week so far.
- N
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Hi N!
I'm not sure which 8 minute class you're thinking of but this class is short and works on all the stuff you are looking for in your riding:
I think stability is the first thing to establish because thats what you need to communicate with your horse.
If that's too slow for you I have other suggestions but start with that and let me know.
Have fun!