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Pilates for clients with degenerative discopathy

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Dear Alisa,
I'm a big fan of your site since a few years now. I'm a Pilates teacher, but I've no machines, just mat and small materiel. I've got a question for you. One of my client has a degenerative discopathy in the lumbar spine. I'm helping her to strengthen her deep core to create space and muscles to support her spine. As I'm not a PT, is there any other advices/exercises/top tip you could give me to help with this specific disease? I've watched the videos of Sonjè regarding back pain and Alycea Ungaro magic circle for bad backs, and my common sense helps as well.
Thanks for your tips (also things I should really avoid,)
Best regards from Switzerland,
(Hope my english is OK)

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Thanks for being with us all this time! I do have some advice for you and your client -- with degenerative discs you want to avoid flexion, twisting and side bending (in general). 
Our Spine Safe Workouts category has a lot of workouts that will give you ideas (you've probably already been doing a lot of these):
If you want more background you might find something valuable in our Observe & Learn workshops. I know Sonje did another one on Disc Herniation which might be helpful. Here's the sections on Back Pain and Osteoporosis -- keep in mind that with general back pain it can be ok to round the spine but you'll want to keep her out of flexion so don't get confused if you see some rounding in the back pain classes.
Hope that helps!