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I May Have Diastasis Recti - What Do You Suggest?

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Hi Pilatesology!

I was just introduced to Pilatesology by a friend and am starting my 14-day free trial. I believe I have lingering diastasis recti from my last baby (3 years old now). I am new to Pilates and have been doing a series on Amazon for about 6 weeks now. I have loved the benefits from that series (I already feel so much better!) but am worried about making my diastasis recti worse. However, I feel that I will miss the benefits to the other parts of my body if I only do the post-natal videos. Would you recommend doing the diastasis recti videos along with the Pre-pilates series, or sticking just with the post-natal videos for a while?


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Thanks for asking about your diastasis, if you haven't done our PostNatal Series that's a good place to start and includes info about diastasis as well as reminders about kegels which are important too.
Then from there you can apply that stuff to our PrePilates Series and if you're feeling pretty good about where you're at by the end of that, I'd say you're good to go with regular classes. 
For a while (I'd say a year) you'll just need to keep reminding yourself of the internal work that keeps your diastasis in check. 
Hope that helps but I'm here if you think of anything else.
All the best,