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I have a Tower/Reformer, Where do I Start?

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Hallo Alisa,
I have just bought a Tower/reformer from Pilates Scandinavia in Sweden. I am so excited to start and use it for myself.
Unfortunately we had to move and now we live in the middle of Sweden and here is no studio.
So I decided to buy one…. 
I have been following Pilates anytime for 4 years.
I also do Iyengar yoga since 7 years.
The owner of Pilates Scandinavia told me about your app so here I am…
She told me that the is a difference between PA and your app and therefore also a difference between the tower/reformer I bought.
I have so many questions, where do I start my journey with my new equipment? Can you please help me little with that?
Looking forward to hear from yo.
All the best.
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Hi K,
Yes it's true that your new and wonderful Reformer/Tower will feel different than what you've used in the past. It might be a slightly uncomfortable adjustment as the classical equipment can seem harder at first. But the adjustment is so worth it as you will discover when you quickly notice how much stronger you are. 

Here are a few classes for you to start with:

Reformer Meet and Greet - this class will teach you about your Reformer while giving you a workout
Reformer Series 1 of 4 - The Basics - this series takes you through a progression of exercises. There's a button in the class description that takes you to the next class.
The Tower on the end of your Reformer has the same springs and settings as the Tower on the floor that you see in these videos. I've included our Basic level here so you can get to know your equipment. You can adjust the filters to see other levels.
This is a good Tower class to start with: Just the Basics Tower Workout
Hope that helps but feel free to write with any questions.
All the best,