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Classes on Breathing

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I have been doing your beginning mat Pilates and love it! I am reminded throughout the day of things you have taught in these videos. I am only on lesson two……I did the Pre Pilates warmup three times before moving on to lesson one, which I also did three times before lesson two. I feel fortunate that I landed on your classes at the first try.

I am a 76 year old grandmother, in fairly good shape but I do have an underlying lung condition. I find that I cannot hold my breath as long as need be to do the exercises. I am amazed when I see you talking and performing the moves at the same time while I am just struggling to breathe:-) Any suggestions on breathing would be appreciated.

Thank you so much for making these videos available. It is something I can do in my home.

I plan to continue Pilates on your website on the alternate days I am not in the pool. So grateful to have found you.

Thank you for reaching out,


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Hi M,
It's so nice to hear from you!
I'm glad you asked about breathing because it's important for you to work on with your lung condition.
I know it's crazy how much I talk while teaching and I really don't know how I do it except that after 20 years of doing Pilates all of it feels very second nature to me.
Ok here's 2 classes that focus on breathing that I think will help you. In them the teachers are explaining how to use a piece of equipment called the Breath-a-cizer that Joe Pilates invented for the opera singers he worked with.
You don't need a Breath-a-cizer, instead you'll do the exercise blowing into your fist. Unless you have a pinwheel handy which you can use as well.
You might want to do the exercise while leaning against a wall - that's my favorite way to practice.
Your stamina will definitely improve with practice so make a written note of what it feels like during your exercises now and look at it again in 2 weeks. I bet you'll say 'hey, I'm getting stronger!'
I'm so grateful to have you with us, it makes me feel so good to know you are enjoying Pilates with us.
Stay in touch and we'll look forward to meeting you in person sometime in the future!