[Sticky] Videos Keep stopping?  



The videos start but then stop, then start again. How do I make it stop?


Videos start and stop because internet connection may be shared by too many other devices, Or there might be other applications open such as Spotify, iTunes or even email applications open at the same time. First steps should be to close other applications that are using lots of internet connection. Still not working? Here is how to fix this: Select a video you want to watch. When the page opens up with the larger size video- where you are ready to press play- look in the lower right for the 'gear' icon. It's next to the 'volume'.  Click the gear icon and select 'quality'. You will see it is set to 'Auto'. Change this to a smaller number such as 360p. Then press the 'play' button. This will send a smaller file to your computer/device.The higher the number the closer you are to HD. Play around with this anytime you like, on any video, depending on your location or bandwidth. If you still can't get it to stop then email me here:


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