Clicking on the e mail.  



Please explain why this happens. When I open up my e mail from you with all the latest classes, I click on the video that interests me and then it takes me to my log in and password, then it takes me to the page that has all my personal info tabs- it does not go to the clip that I selected. I then have to try to remember the teacher's name or i have to go back to the e mail to see who is was and then search her/him and the clip.

Why am I not diverted to the clip if it's what I click on in the first place?

Thank you


Hi Maxturk!

Great question. Because you should be delivered straight to the class from the email.

Stay tuned while I ask our developer !!



Hi Max!

Great quesiton- I just added this to the developers list of fixes- hopefully in the next few days we will have direct linking to the videos from the weekly email..


Thank you!!




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