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Pilates Workouts for Runners

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Hey Alisa,

You know what I would like?  I think a 15 min Pilates cool-down would be great.  I got running & would love to do a post- run Pilates class.  Just a thought in case you are looking for ideas.

Thanks- S

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Hi S,

Here you go! A few of these are bit longer but well worth the extra 5 minutes and they are good for before or after a run--try it before and see if you feel different during your run:

To find these without having to come back to this email click on the 'Focus' menu in our Filters and select 'Stretch & Restore' as well as 'Mat' under "Apparatus' 
And this would be fun for you too, it's a program designed for runners. Victoria the teacher is an avid runner herself and has a degree in kinesiology so she knows the mechanics behind creating more efficient movement.
Have fun!