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Selling a reformer

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Hi all, I am going to sell my reformer in order to buy a gratz. I understand pick up is the easier and safer way of doing this type of transaction, however  shipping would expand the search, can someone help me to understand how would  I get paid if someone who can't do pick up purchase the equipment??

thanks I appreciate your help!

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Hi HardCore!

I think there are a few safe ways to make sure the transaction runs smoothly- PayPal comes to mind first- because you can select the option 'buying goods or service' which means you will have the PayPal protection. You would basically create an invoice and send that to the buyer. They would pay it and you would ship it.

You would of course need a PayPal account- but they are simple to setup...


There are a couple other similar option but nothing as big as PayPal ( Venmo for example )

I hope this helps!!




Also HardCore- you can post your apparatus for sale here on this forum too : )