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What Springs Should I Use?

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Thanks for reaching out, I actually do have a question and some feedback. I purchased a Reformer a few years ago from Balanced Body, and on your program, the few classes I have taken for the reformer, the teachers seldom advise how many springs to use. It may be that with classic Pilates and perhaps with classic equipment, there is a basic understanding but I would really appreciate if this could be explicit. I have been taking private lessons once a week for over two years, so I do have some basic knowledge.

Appreciate your input! 
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Thank you so much for checking us out - I hear your frustration on the springs.
The reason it's harder for you to know what to use is that your Reformer has different weight springs while the traditional reformers that our teachers are using are 4 springs, all the same weight so it's much simpler.
If you're willing to stick with it, things will start to make sense and become more second nature so you'll know what setting to use automatically but it's definitely a learning process. 
Here's a link to our downloadable Spring Guide:
And here's some help on interpreting the differences in spring settings:
The Reformers we use are Joe's original design which is 4 springs all the same weight, the BB you're using is most likely 5 springs with 2 heavy red / 2 medium blue / 1 light green 
-- I may be getting the blue and green mixed up so I'm giving you a guide with the spring weight only:
Classical Reformer | Balanced Body Reformer 
springs = 2 heavy, 2 medium or 2 heavy, 1 medium, 1 light
springs = 2 heavy, 1 light or 1 heavy, 2 medium, or 2 medium, 1 light
springs = 1 heavy, 1 medium or 2 medium or 1 medium, 1 light
spring = 1 medium 
Note that this guide is a general rule and you can do what feels right to your body. 
The springs can be tricky to understand because for some exercises the spring is not meant to be heavy, it's just there to assist you--Joe called the springs your 'extra muscles'. 
For an exercise like Long Stretch or Elephant, you'll want 2 springs--- probably 2 medium.
For Footwork (at the beginning of the workout) you'll want 4 springs, probably 1 heavy, 2 medium, 1 light - this is usually the same setting for the Hundred but you can change it if necessary as your Reformer might feel too heavy.
Note that for many exercises, fewer springs mean you need to have more control and will make an exercise much more challenging and even dangerous.
Doing the Long Stretch on 1 spring can be risky if you're not strong enough to return the carriage in or go out too fast for example. 
Let me know if any of this helps!
All the best,