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Do I need Equipment ?

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 I don't have any equipment at home , are there classes I can take?

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No- you do not need any equipment to use Pilatesology except a yoga or exercise mat.  There are hundreds of 'mat only' workouts on the website. There are a number of ways to find them too.

After you login you get to the 'members page' where you will see at top a photo and button that takes you straight to 'Mat Only Workouts'.

You can also click 'workouts' on top and this will open up to all workouts with the sidebar filters. Use the filters to find the exact class that you want.

You can also 'hover' over the very top 'Workouts' section and see various options to view workouts: Beginner quick start, Most recent, Shortcuts etc...


All these paths will lead you to mat only workouts. Feel free to add into the apparatus section 'magic circle', 'arm and leg weights', 'the wall' etc... to see more classes if you have small props at home!