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Alycea Ungaro is one of our most requested instructors and if you’ve never experienced her teaching you’re in for a treat! You’ll continuously move through this workout but within each exercise Alycea changes the rhythm by creating an alignment challenge that prevents your body from cheating with momentum. Rebuilding your body from top to bottom, Alycea's cues will leave you with trembling muscles and a genuine sense of accomplishment. Filmed at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates™, New York, NY.


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Great job! Control control control.... and lots of details!!! Thanks


OMG this one gets me sweaty! love it and thanks for the excellent cues! you're keeping me fit and even cardio active during covid 19!


Awesome class! Really juiced out some moves. Will be watching more of her classes for sure. Loved it!


Romana would not have liked my response to some of those exercises, Alycea! Thank you for a tough one today! Love, Sundance Pilates!


Such a fantastic class, probably one of the hardest mat workouts with this top/bottom approach to break up the exercises. Thank you!

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