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Week 5: May 4th LIVE SESSIONS With Nicole_Wunda Chair: EXERCISE LIST & NOTES

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Here is the exercise list & notes for class with Nicole!

Alisa's Notes:

- this Wunda class was super challenging in the best way! My legs were shaking like crazy and like Mo says in our discussion at the end, the foot activation made so aware of how my hip and knee and foot are interrelated. One side is weaker, tighter and more wobbly but the more I activated it the more things woke up and worked better.

- loved the semi circle tendon stretch combo near the end so much and the going down the mountain which I had never felt so secure doing. the prep for stepping down to the pedal and back onto the chair was key to holding the right position so my leg could move freely when we pumped. 

- I played tennis afterward and I felt so amazingly coordinated and stable, yay!