Unpacking Your New Wunda Chair

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Expecting a new Wunda Chair? In this quick how-to video, Russell Soder from Gratz Pilates shows how to unpack it. Get tips on how to uncross the springs easily, get it out of the box without having to lift it, and how to avoid cutting that nice new upholstery when opening the box. For more DIY videos on taking care of your apparatus, check out our Apparatus Maintenance section. We've gathered the tools you'll need in a Studio Maintenance Kit available in our store.

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  1. Francisco Benitez
    Francisco Benitez 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot! I always learn something new and interesting about the equipment in your videos and makes me double check that everything is ok. It would be very interesting to see the unboxing of a cadillac and how to set it up correctly. I wonder what the other two eye bolts at the sliding bar of the trapeze are for?

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