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No Bending Mat with Alisa

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Are you a Pilates fan who is dealing with an issue that requires you to keep your spine straight and avoid forward bending (flexion) or twisting? If so, this Pilates mat with Alisa Wyatt is designed especially for you! Follow along and you'll get a great intermediate level workout that strengthens your core, flattens your stomach, creates vital and healing circulation to your joints and discs and reduces inflammation. Enjoy!

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  1. Izzy 4 months ago

    Thanks, Alisa. I am really enjoying your classes and the other teachers as well. I am a recent Pilates teacher and a long-time yoga teacher and found the balance between yoga and Pilates is the best for my body. Especially since I have been diagnosed at a fairly young age with osteoporosis. I hope you are healthy and safe.

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Izzy, I agree that yoga and Pilates are a fantastic workout combo :). Thanks for joining us, I’m glad you’re here!

      • Izzy 2 days ago

        I took this class again today and I still love it. Thank you.

        • Alisa Wyatt Author

          Thanks Izzy! I’m planning on doing a whole series of these 🙂

          • Izzy 2 days ago

            Looking forward to it.

  2. pjennings 1 year ago

    Perfect for my 63 year old bod with some disc degeneration! Thank you, Alisa! 🙂

  3. precious74 1 year ago

    very good !!thank you!

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