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By now, you're practicing intermediate exercises, great job! The 9th class in the series puts the finishing details on so you can continue to reap the amazing benefits. Alisa Wyatt really turns up the heat on familiar moves to get you ready for the final class in the series when you'll do it all with no stopping for rest. Be sure to repeat this class (or any previous ones) as much as you need to feel confident heading onto the next. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio in Hermosa Beach, CA. Next Class Quick Start Home

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  1. CAJ 2 months ago

    Hi Alisa,
    I have loved working through this series, but like Emixon12, I feel I am someway between Beginner and Intermediate. I would love to try one of the live online classes, but most seem to be Intermediate which I don’t think I can achieve just yet. Will there be more provision going forward for All Level and Beginner live classes?
    I live in the UK, so grateful for the live class 10amPT start which is 6pm for me.

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi CAJ! We did have several beginner level classes in the first 2 weeks and I’m going to make sure we offer at least 1 per week in the August schedule :). Two classes coming up that I think will be appropriate for you are Theresa Shupe’s class and Sarita Allen’s class. Both are wonderful teachers. Teresa’s style of teaching brings this incredible inner awareness that never fails to help me feel something I’d never had access to before and when I took Sarita’s class recently I loved her emphasis on the foundations and I felt so great after class, like I was floating. I would encourage you to try either one and just let them know at the beginning of class that you are more on the beginner side, I know they will welcome and be able to offer adjustments. Oh and just so you know–if you are able to do the class that you left this note on (Beginner Progression Class 9), you are officially working at an Intermediate level :). Thanks so much for your note!

  2. Richardb1989
    Richardb1989 3 months ago

    Hey Alisa,

    Thank you very much for this excellent series!

    With exercises like teaser and open leg rocker, is the idea to sit up on the pelvis when in full expression of the move, rather than being in a crunching position? (As in allowing your pelvis to have its natural tilt in the full experession of the move).

    Also, with rocking like a ball and seal, are we supposed to sit up on the tailbone at the top of the move, or is everything supposed to be crunched all the time?


    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Richardb1989,
      Thanks for your note, I’m so glad you’re enjoying this series!
      To answer your question, the spot you balance on in your pelvis is slightly behind your sitz bones, not forward on top of them so the answer is no to allowing your pelvis come all the way up.
      Your low back remains in a c-curve but the spine is lifted in the curve as much as possible and in some cases like open leg rocker the chest is working to stay lifted and open.
      The reason is that the goal in these moves is to build stability, so by stopping the forward motion you gain control and strength.
      Most people have a wobble in the pelvis as they learn so focus on stopping on a dime and not allowing any wobbling or extra movement while keeping your long c-curve.
      You’ll see photos of people posed in very tipped forward positions but this is incorrect and simply points to their flexible hamstrings allowing them to pose like that, if you saw most of them roll they would be all over the place ;).
      Have fun–this is a skill you’ll get to practice forever!

  3. Emixon12 6 months ago

    Hi, Alisa!

    So this class was a significant step up in terms of difficulty. The flow, the full teaser, the seal clapping to standing – all tough stuff.

    I decided to move up to this class because I felt “reasonably comfortable” with the previous two (with a few modifications). This class is clearly in another league for me. As this is only a 10 part class series, should I keep doing previous classes for (likely) weeks and months until I’m able to do class 9 and 10 more reasonably? I feel like it’s going to take quite some time and doing the same few classes over and over is likely to become a bit repetitive. Should I break from this series and try other courses and start building from a broader “beginner” base up to “intermediate”?

    Let me know your thoughts!

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Emixon12!
      I do think you can benefit from working the basics (everyone can) before moving on to the last class. Two suggestions:

      This series is all basics and will build strength and flexibility to make stuff like Seal doable:
      ClassicFit w/Susan Moran Sheehy

      And I encourage you to try classes from this list, you can use the filters to narrow this down more by teacher, duration, etc.: Mat Workouts
      It’s helpful to try more than one teacher because you’ll learn more hearing from different angles.

      If there are specific moves that you want to troubleshoot, use the search bar on the top right of the site (not the one in the filters, it’s terrible and we are getting rid of it) to search for the name of the exercise. I did that for Seal and it turned up my tutorial on it which might help:

      Your notes have been super helpful to me in thinking of how to structure the progressions so keep ’em coming!

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