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In the 4th class in her series for beginners, Alisa Wyatt takes you through your familiar exercises with a slightly faster pace. New exercises will train your pelvic stability, spinal flexibility and core strength. Movements introduced in this class include Open Leg Rocker Prep, Basic Corkscrew, Saw Prep, and One-Leg Teaser. Enjoy! Filmed at Pilatesology Studio in Hermosa Beach, CA. Next Class Quick Start Home

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  1. kasra67 1 month ago

    Hi Alisa,
    I’ve been going slowly through the Beginner progression and loved it so far! But I am not very flexible, so exercises like saw and forward stretch are a bit painful for me. Is there any specific set of exercises you recommend for increasing flexibility?
    Also, I have a hard time following the cork screw, I think mostly because the video is taken from the side. Is there any other video with cork screw in it you can recommend?

  2. Bellaboopopsy 3 months ago

    I have been doing really well until the teaser!!!!! I just can’t do it, i’m not strong enough.
    Should I go to Pre Pilates and practice not sure what I should do for the best. Carry on or start a new course, the Pre Pilates course?

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Ali,
      The teaser is brutally hard! You can modify by doing the one-leg version or do this series which is very strengthening without building so many new exercises and then come back to this one. But don’t feel bad about doing the one-leg teaser because it will help get you strong!
      PS – the PrePilates series is also fantastic at strengthening the muscles you need and the classes are short so do those for sure at a time when your life is busy :).

  3. avelazco1 4 months ago

    hi Alisa! I’m returning to pilates after a long absence and 3 months laid up with a broken foot. I’m out of shape. I am working my way through the Quick Start. While I can do most moves the teaser today was really tough. Is there any way to modify it?

  4. Lunalowe 4 months ago

    Hi Alisa, I’ve made it to this class and am now struggling with my pelvis..I have a sensitive pelvis due to an injury during pregnancy and it is very sensitive to pressure and the pubic bones at the front can end up very sore. (This is now 13 years ago and mainly better – but I can’t do lead bearing aerobic exercise like running or crouching etc..) I’ve been ok so far, but I think possibly either the teaser or the new rocking exercise are triggering this now. The single leg pull with scissors triggered it as well in the last class but I just made the movement smaller and that was manageable. I think I also need to learn how to tense the lower muscles without gripping the entire region and when I can do that I think I am ok, so it may just be that these exercises are too hard for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have really been enjoying my lockdown pilates journey and would so love to be able to carry on strengthening my body so I can do more in the future…

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Lunalowe! Yes you just need to go slower as you’re rebuilding those muscles. I think this series will be too much for that at the moment since it’s building all of the intermediate exercises and you should be working at a more basic level so your body can coordinate the parts that haven’t been working hard enough. Watch this class to see if using a prop under back would be helpful (email me at if this is over your head and I can help):
      Then do this series (it will seem slow but SO worth it! Feel free to repeat classes or do 2 in 1 day):
      And then this list should be a good place to continue:
      Hope that helps but definitely let me know how you do–I’m working on a series right now that will address issues like yours so it’s helpful for me to hear what’s working.

      • Lunalowe 4 months ago

        Thanks Alisa, amazing that you replied so quickly! I did your pre-pilates series and I really enjoyed it, and then moved onto this one as I like the structure…, but it seems like a good idea to stick to basic series for now.. and build more slowly. I want to be able to do it all though!! I will try and see if I understand about the props as well. Thanks so much, really helpful advice as I don’t want to end up in too much pain and give up. I will let you know how I go and brilliant to hear you are working on a series for these sorts of issues… happy to be of any help if I can be.

        • Alisa Wyatt Author

          Sounds great, keep me posted on how you’re doing!

          • Lunalowe 2 months ago

            Hi Alissa,- Just to update, I followed your advice and stuck with basics and can now do this class and the next one as well. I can definitely feel the changes in my body and my children are telling me to stop boasting about. my new muscles ! Interestingly, there is one exercise that I have realised triggers pain in my pubic symphasis – its the rolling back part of open leg rocker. I can sit in the position with no problems but the rolling back seems to aggravate something so I have just stopped doing it and everything else seems ok …… Let me know though if you have any brain waves about what that could relate to and if there is anything in particular I can work on, I am very grateful for your help and genuinely so pleased I found this site… I’ve never done exercise so consistently in my life !!

          • Alisa Wyatt Author
            Alisa Wyatt 2 months ago

            That’s amazing news!! I’m thrilled to hear it and you cracked me up with your comment about your kids–and I have to tell you that I read somewhere that boasting about your accomplishments actually helps you stay committed and makes us happier 🙂 so keep boasting!! Ok for open leg rocker, yes just leave it out for now. If you can do rolling like a ball with no issues, do that instead. Or just balance and alternate bending your legs while balancing. You’ll get there soon, it’s just another little hurdle while your body figures out what needs to get stronger.
            Yay I’m going to smile for the rest of my day now :).

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