We created Pilatesology

 Hi, I’m Alisa and I’m obsessed with Pilates! If you love it too, you’re in the right place because Pilatesology is home to a community of people just like us.

We offer over 700 online Pilates classes to our members around the world. We believe in the incredible benefits of the authentic Pilates method and our videos are aimed at making those benefits accessible to everyone, at an affordable price.

Our Teachers

When I found this amazing method in 1997, it was still relatively unknown and I was lucky to train with the woman whom Joe Pilates entrusted his method to, Romana Kryzanowska. Learning Pilates with Romana was crazy. She taught us that the body has unlimited potential; even the ‘elderly’ clients at her gym did things as part of their everyday workouts that looked impossible.

As an apprentice at Romana’s I got to meet and learn from the biggest names in the Pilates industry and so began an odyssey of study. I tried every style of Pilates and while some were effective workouts, more often they felt diluted and missing the transformative Pilates magic that I felt with Romana. I came to realize that the closer to the source the teacher was, the more powerful their grasp of the method. 

Pilatesology is the result of my desire to share the magic! All of the teachers you find on our site were trained by Romana Kryzanowska, or in the case of Jay Grimes, by Joe Pilates himself. In fact, you’ll find more classes with Romana’s most respected teachers on Pilatesology than anywhere else.

I hope you enjoy this incredible Pilates community of unparalleled quality, depth of knowledge and authenticity.

~ Alisa

Our Studio

1038 Aviation Blvd. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

While our videos stream all over the world, we also have a brand new physical space located at 1038 Aviation Bl, Hermosa Beach, California. Here, we’ve brought together a small group of fantastic local teachers who share our desire for a fun and welcoming place to work out and teach the original method. It’s also where Pilatesology shoots happen when we’re not on the road.

Please email studio@pilatesology.com to book sessions and to receive studio news.