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Videos Keep Stopping and Starting

Videos Keep Stopping and Starting

 Here is a quick fix for a videos that keep stopping and starting ( we call this “buffering”) :

Change the “Quality Selector”:

Pick any video as if ready to watch. Look in the lower right of the player and you will see a ”Gear” or “Cog” icon – Click this icon. On the pop up click “quality”. Change to a lower number (224p for example) Then press play. You can change this setting at any time if you have a better internet connection. 720 is HD. Also, try locating yourself closer to the router that is sending out your internet Wifi signal. Close all other applications that use the internet like iTunes, email, YouTube etc… If you are at home kick everyone else who is online off.

*Tip! If you’re having trouble and using a mobile phone or tablet try switching to your 4G/5G network – meaning: turn OFF the Wifi.

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Alisa Wyatt