My Internet is strong but the videos still won't play? - Pilatesology

My Internet is strong but the videos still won’t play?

My Internet is strong but the videos still won’t play?

 There can be numerous reasons why the videos won’t play but please read through this section and try these options:

Clear your history/cache/ data browsing 

 log out of the website. Then go up to your browser tabs at the top of the screen and select the “HISTORY” tab. Look for the option to “Clear Your History”. This is different for each browser ( Chrome Browser calls this “Browsing Data”) You want to try to empty the CACHE, COOKIES, and HISTORY. Now refresh the browser window a few times. Ok- log back into the website and try a video.

Browser Plugins

There are countless plugins/extensions available for all browsers. They typically enhance the browsing experience for the user. Sometimes they can significantly change how content appears on webpages. For instance, an ad blocker plugin may block banner ads and video ads. However, blocking video ads may cause Pilatesology’s video to playback in unexpected ways. If you have added any Ad Blocker plugins we suggest disabling them and test.

Update or try another browser

Go to this link to see if your browser needs updating: . Please update to the latest version. Chrome browser is the most video friendly followed by Firefox & Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer ( I.E. ) please download one of these other browsers listed below. Internet Explorer gets no love from tech companies.



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Alisa Wyatt