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iPad Settings for Streaming Issues

iPad Settings for Streaming Issues

The iPad is a video streaming whiz. In fact, we test our site on the iPad before all other devices. So what if the videos aren’t playing on your iPad?

Check these settings first:

  1. Select the “Settings” icon on your iPad.
  2. Scroll down until you see “Safari” and select.
  3. Scroll down on the right side of the screen until you see “Block Cookies”.
  4. Change this to: “Allow from Websites I Visit”
  5. Two lines above this you will see “Block Pop-ups”.
  6. Change this to: “Off” ( green is on)
  7. Since you are already in this section you should “Clear History and Website Data”.
  8. The last one is the “Advanced” at the very bottom of the screen. Select and make sure “JavaScript” is turned “On”
  9. Log into the website and see if you can watch videos now!

If you are still having trouble please plug your iPad into your computer and check for updates. Also ensure that your computer itself is fully updated to High Sierra.

Still not working? Email us at: Support@pilatesology.com

Alisa Wyatt