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Huge thanks to all of you who filled out our ‘Help Shape Pilatesology’ Survey. Congratulations to Karlynn Hamilton, the lucky winner of a $50 Lululemon gift card.

Your feedback is deeply appreciated and already being put into action. Here’s a taste of what you shared with us:

  • You’d like to see more: Mat workouts, tips, specific classes for teachers; PMA CEC workshops; Spine Corrector; short workouts, Guillotine classes, Programs. (The list is long and we plan to get to all of it…)
  • “The search interface could use an upgrade.” (We totally agree. Coming soon.)
  • “It’s just like participating in a real studio class so it pushes me to work out, I forget I’m at home!” (Many of you sent words of support. Thank you!)
  • “How about a forum for people to post questions either in writing or video.” (That’s an easy one, here it is: Pilatesology Forum. The Forum lives in the Discover Menu on the Home Page. We plan on adding a Q&A with Instructors soon.)
  • “Can you please post Part 2 of Interviews sooner?” (Ack, yes. We’re sorry our last 2 interviews were delayed, there is a tedious story of how they got stuck in a memory bank thing but we won’t bore you with it. Good news is, both interviews are going up this week. Thanks for your patience.)
  • “Might be nice to do a few “hotel” workouts for travellers…” (A Program for Travelers is currently in the works.)

NEW SITE FEATURES:Pilatesology Near Me is our newest site feature. It let’s you search where our teachers will be worldwide. Whether you’re looking for an exotic Pilates retreat, a studio near you, or far-flung workshops with your favorite teacher, this map has you covered. Find it on our Homepage under the Discover Menu.

When you click on the red flags, a window pops up to tell you about the event. You can zoom in and see more events as well as search by Studios, Training Programs and Events. 


Have you done a Program yet? Here’s 2 new ones…

Start a Pilates Habit with Andrea Maida
Genius for those of us with ‘all or nothing’ syndrome–if you tend to skip exercise when you’re short on time this Program will build a habit with daily 10 minute workouts. 

Pilates for Runners with Victoria Torrie-Capan
We know your type. You run. Period. Do you stretch after your run? Nope. Core training? Big N.O. Do you want to run faster without pain or injuries? Heck yeah. Well okay then. Do this Program.


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