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Celebrating Romana’s Legacy

Celebrating Romana’s Legacy
On June 30th we invite you to plan your workout in celebration of Romana Kryzanowska’s 91st birthday. A lover of sweaty people, champagne, and laughter, Romana would want nothing more than for all of you to “use your gut!” just the way she’s doing in the picture below, alongside a tanned and topless Joe

Watch Click on the photo to play a montage of personal images from our teachers’ and members’ collections. If you’d like to add to this tribute, please send your photo to: jack@pilatesology.com.She passed away August 30, 2013 and whether or not you met her, if you’ve done Pilates, Romana’s legacy has touched you directly. Seen by many as Joe Pilates’ chosen protege, she dedicated her life to keeping his method alive and pure. Choose any class on Pilatesology and you’re guaranteed to be in Romana-trained hands. In fact, you’ll find more classes with Romana’s most respected teachers than anywhere else.

Alisa Wyatt

Alisa has been teaching Pilates since 1999 when she left her high-powered publishing job to spread her passion for Pilates. Realizing there was a need to preserve Joseph Pilates’ original style of teaching, Alisa and her husband Jack Coble, created Pilatesology in 2011 and have since dedicated themselves to recording the work with instructors who remain close to the source.A Pilates purist, Alisa was trained and certified by Pilates legend, Romana Kryzanowska in New York City where she ran her own private studio for a decade before moving home to California. She’s an often-featured expert for Pilates Style Magazine and creator of a series of acclaimed Pilates videos: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Pilates Workout, and Pilates for Men, as well as a sought-after workshop presenter at fitness conferences.When she’s not traveling the globe filming classes with world-renowned instructors for Pilatesology, Alisa spends her time in Hermosa Beach, CA, where she and Jack get outside as much as possible, surfing, hiking and playing. Alisa and Jack believe that Pilates is what allows them to lead active, healthy lives.Alisa’s client list includes Olympic athletes, supermodels and real people who want to look and perform at their absolute best.
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