Your Torso in Marble; We're now on Roku - Pilatesology

Your Torso in Marble; We’re now on Roku

Your Torso in Marble; We’re now on Roku
This is what Joe Pilates had in mind for you…  
On a recent visit to the Getty Villa in Malibu, I came upon “Torso of an Athlete” which shows the Greek ideal of muscular balance that Joe Pilates’ method was inspired by and is designed to produce. When you practice Pilates, the beautiful symmetry that you see in this statue happens in your own body. No matter your shape or size, strength, flexibility or lack thereof, Joe’s “Contrology” builds balance and integrity into the way you move. Each and every one of you has your own unique and beautiful ‘torso of an athlete’ with Pilates.


  • Pilatesology is now on ROKU. If you have one of these cute little boxes that stream internet content to your TV, look for us in the Channel Menu.
  • AppleTV – if you have an iPad and AppleTV, the “AirPlay” function lets you stream the internet on your TV. Look us up on your iPad and click “AirPlay.”
Alisa Wyatt


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