A toast to Romana; 3 New Ways to Find Your Class Fast

Romana and one of her dogs.
Happy Birthday Romana!  All of the teachers you work out with on Pilatesology were trained by the fabulous woman pictured below, who celebrated her 90th trip around the sun on June 30th. Joe Pilates chose Romana Kryzanowska to carry on his method and she’s dedicated her life to keeping it real. Next time you finish a workout feeling amazing, raise your glass to Romana.  

Interested in becoming a Pilates teacher? Romana’s international training program is still going strong. Find out more at: Romana’s Pilates.

We’ve been working hard at making Pilatesology easier for you to use. As our video library grows (over 270 classes and counting!) you’ll have more ways to find the class you want. Look for these cute icons on the Classes Menu to help out:

Slow Paced Workouts – Look for a blue Teaser when you want detailed instruction while you workout.
Fast Paced Workouts – Look for a red Teaser when you want more flow and less detail.
Observe & Learn – Look for the eye when you want to learn by viewing a technique. We’ve divided this menu into:

  • Mini Workshops – Short topics for Pilates enthusiasts and teachers
  • Workshops – Longer workshops (1+ hours) for teachers
  • Interviews & Discussions – From Pilates history to talks with Pilates luminaries

Pilatesology Blog – You can now share our blog posts or leave comments.

Update Credit Card Info – You can now put in a new credit card or upgrade your account without having to write to Jack (he’s here if you need him though). Check out ‘My Account’ for anything you need to do.

Our New Press Page –  We’re psyched that classical Pilates is in the mainstream with features about Pilatesology in Glamour, Self, Family Circle, Pilates Style and more. Yay!


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