Pilatesology 30 Session Challenge!

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference,
in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, 
and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.”
Joe Pilates’ famous quote is super motivating, even though everyone always leaves off the best part: “or I’ll give you your money back.” That’s how confident Joe was that you were going to completely transform with consistent sessions. Did you catch the key word there? Consistency is the key to transformation. Well, with Joe’s plans for your body in mind, we’d like to introduce the…

Pilatesology 30 Session Challenge

Print out this handy Training Log to get started.


  • Complete 30 sessions in 8 weeks or less.
  • Sessions as short as 10 min count but for best results aim for 60 min.
  • Work out every other day for a max of 7x per week.
  • Schedule your workouts in your calendar & track your progress with our Training Log (print it out)!

Any Pilates session counts, whether it’s booked with your favorite instructor or at your convenience with Pilatesology. Here’s a Sample Mat Program but feel free to create your own 30 Session Program (apparatus classes count if you have access to apparatus). 

Sample Program – Choose a class and do it for 1 week. Choose a new class the following week. If you need more variety or find a class is too easy or too hard, make a note and try another class.

Explore and have fun, here’s some suggestions to get you started!

Advanced Level Mat Classes:

Intermediate Level Mat Classes:

Beginner Level Mat Classes (if you’re new to Pilates, start with Fundamentals classes for Week 1 or as long as you need):

Fundamentals classes:

When you’re finished, send in your completed Training Log. If we turn your classes into a Pilatesology Program, we’ll feature you on the site!
  • Email it to alisa@pilatesology.com.

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