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What makes you feel invincible?

Joe Pilates believed that it started with your health and being fully able to use your body. If you feel confident that your body can do whatever you ask of it, that confidence spills over into the rest of your life.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of Joe that says it all.

Joe has the writer, Robert Wernick, perched atop his mighty abdomen and he’s smiling as though it’s nothing. If you want to feel that confident in your 80s, keep up your Pilates, it’s a one way ticket to invincibility.



I am proud to say that Jack and I are back from our hiking trip, having completed the entire John Muir Trail in 19 days (220 miles from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney).

We carried and slept in a tent (check out our double-sleeping bag below), cooked our own food, bathed in crystal clear lakes, fell in love with the color of the sky again, and met wonderful people whom we will never forget.

For those of you unfamiliar with backpacking, the hardships you endure bring a deep appreciation for the comforts of home (ah, clean sheets; freshly brewed coffee; shampoo, food that is not dehydrated!).

And the more difficult the hike, the more invicible you feel when you arrive at the top of the pass and get to look back at what you’ve just done.

There’s nothing like hard work to make you appreciate your body.

Alisa & Jack

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