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Did you know that Joe Pilates based his method on animals? He observed the movement of animals to figure out how to achieve their natural athleticism. Here’s what he discovered:

“Normal muscles should function naturally in much the same manner as do the muscles of animals. Watch a cat as it lazily opens its eyes, slowly looks around, and gradually prepares to rise after a nap. 

First, it gradually rises on its hindquarters, leisurely stretching its forepawas (with extended claws) and legs.
Observe closely how all its back muscles actually ripple as it stretches and relaxes itself.”

“Cats as well as other animals acquire this ideal rhythm of motion because they are constantly stretching and relaxing themselves.” 

“Observe too, how cats sleep  — utterly relaxed whether thy happen to be lying on their back, side, or belly. Contrology exercises emphasize the need for this constant stretching and relaxing.” – Joe Pilates

What animal are you? Pick one and for the rest of the day, be an animal. Grrrr.


In my next newsletter, I plan to share pics from the hiking trip that Jack and I are now finishing up. It’s a real epic adventure and I love the drama that ensues every time someone asks how many miles we are walking (220). Yes, we are carrying all of our stuff and camping out. In a tent. No. Showers. “Hunger is the best sauce” as Jack likes to refer to campsite meals. For entertainment, we have a deck of cards and the stars. All of this takes me right back to Joe and his plan: 
“True flexibility can only be achieved when all muscles are uniformly developed.”

Alisa & Jack

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