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“By all means never fail to get all the sunshine
and fresh air that you can.” – Joe Pilates

If you spend some time checking out photos of Joe you might think he took the above statement a bit too far. Here’s an example:

Once you get past how incredible a guy of 57 and then 82 looks, notice the snow. That’s right, he’s standing in the snow, in shorts. If you were there, Joe would tell you, “Do not fear the cold of winter,” and he would recommend that you strip down to your skivvies too. Joe believed that being outdoors in nature is good for us, that fresh air and sunshine are vital to health. Here’s his philosophy:

“Unless you are really chilly, do not exercise in sweatshirts or even in lighter clothing. Whenever and wherever possible, wear ‘shorts’ or sunsuits outdoors, and let the lifegiving ultraviolet rays reach and penetrate into every skin pore of your body.” – Joe Pilates

With the end of Summer approaching, who needs a better reason to get outside and enjoy the sunshine? Better yet, double up on the health benefits by doing your Pilates in the park! You can log onto Pilatesology via your smartphone, iPad or tablet, or give your brain a workout and do your mat from memory.


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If you need just one more reason to get away from your desk, consider my favorite Joe Pilates quote:

“Life should be a balance of work, rest and play.” 

Anyone for lawn bowling?

Alisa & Jack

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