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Beginner Tips

  • Do I need Special Pilates equipment or apparatus?

    No. Joseph Pilates created his mat program long before he invented his apparatus and he taught the mat work to every client. The mat is the purest form of Pilates and builds independence, strength, control and flexibility in every body! We offer more mat classes than apparatus-based classes for this very reason–our site is meant to be an educational and motivational way to keep your practice going when you can’t get to a Pilates studio. If at some point you decide to purchase apparatus, you should take private lessons with a certified Pilates instructor first.

  • If I’m a beginner where should I start?

    First of all, welcome! We want you to feel the benefits right away so we created a Mat 101 page as well as a Reformer 101 page. These are located in the main Classes drop down menu in the lower left in the Beginners Corner. We also have an entire program for you! Go to the Programs page and select the Learn the Basics program.  A 15 day immersion series of classes await you. There you’ll find videos detailing the fundamentals of Pilates, our fun Self-Assessment Test and more.


Billing & Invoice Questions

  • Can I download an invoice for my subscription?
    YES! To download an invoice/receipt of your subscription go to your 'Account' page and click 'Billing Details'.  Select the number under 'Invoice' to download a PDF invoice to your desktop or laptop. *Note - you cannot download to phone or tablet. See image below for details: Invoice Download Pilatesology

Gift Cards

  • Purchase and Redeem Gift Cards!
    Our Gift Cards are located in the Pilatesology STORE. Select from 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. During the checkout you will be asked to enter the name and email address of the recipient as well as a personal message (from John - Happy Birthday etc..) The Gift Card will be sent directly to the recipient and will include a printable PDF file. If - however - you would like to have the Gift Card sent to you (the buyer) instead of the recipient, then leave the recipient email and name blank. You will then be able to print out the Gift Card and fill in by hand and give to recipient personally. There will be a unique 13 digit code on each Gift Card which will be used when redeeming the card. To Redeem a Gift Card please write to and include the unique card code in the email. Gift cards do not expire. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for monetary amounts or used in any other part of the website except unlimited subscriptions.

How To Use A Gift Code

  • How To Use A Gift Code
    Click HERE to see exactly where to put your Gift Code.  Please enter the gift code exactly as it is printed or shown. If there are no spaces and all caps then you must enter in the code exactly like that. Gift Codes are for paid subscriptions only ( Monthly or Yearly ) You will need to enter in your credit card or PayPal account info in order to use a Gift Code. If you do nothing then when your Gift Code expires your card on file will be used to start the subscription you selected. If you cancel your subscription before the expiration of the Gift Code then your card will not be charged.

How To Use All These Pilatesology Features!

  • Creating & Using Custom Playlists
    Please CLICK HERE to see our Playlist Get Started Page! How to CREATE your own Custom Playlist:
    1. Select 'Playlist Manager' from the 'My Pilatesology' dropdown
    2. Select 'My Playlists' tab at top
    3. Select 'Create New Playlist'
    4. Your new playlist will appear at top and look like this: New Playlist with a zero after: 0
    5. Click 'Rename' to name your new playlist
    6. Now let's go add some classes to your playlist!
    How to ADD classes to your Playlist:
    1. Select the '+' icon on any thumbnail on the website
    2. A small dropdown will appear with a list of your Playlists
    3. Simply select the Playlist of your choice to add the class
    4. Add as many classes as you like. Boom!
    5. You can rearrange the classes from your Playlist Manager!
    6. The zero will change to the number of classes in your Playlist
    How to SHARE your playlist
    1. Open your Playlist Manager
    2. Select the 'My Playlists' tab at top to view all your Playlists
    3. Click 'Share This Playlist' button to allow other subscribers to 'follow' your Playlist. Other subscribers cannot edit your Playlist

Membership & Subscription Questions

  • Can I change plans anytime?
    Yes. You can change plans anytime. Upgrades from monthly to yearly become active immediately. Downgrades from yearly to monthly take effect after the yearly subscription has ended. To change plans please do the following:
    1. Login. Go to your Account page
    2.  Select the "change plan" button under your subscriptions list
  • Is there a termination fee if I cancel?
    Absolutely not. No termination fees whatsoever.
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Absolutely! Cancel anytime by selecting the "Manage My Subscription" button on your Account page. Click the 'Cancel Subscription' button.  You will continue to have full access until the next billing date. There is no penalty to cancel your subscription.
  • Can I download Pilatesology videos to watch “offline”?

    Yes and No. Most  classes on Pilatesology stream through the Pilatesology website only and are not downloadable. However, we DO have 6 handpicked classes that you can download and keep. Once downloaded you can watch these classes with no internet connection, they are not connected to your subscription and you may keep them indefinitely Please click here or go the Store section of the website and select the Pilatesology Offline Collection. 

  • How Do I Update My Credit Card?
    To Update Your Credit Card please do the following:  
    1.  Select “Account” in the upper right corner of the website.
    2.  Select “Update Payment Info”  button in your Subscriptions list and enter your new credit card information. 
  • How do I reactivate my subscription?

    To reactivate your subscription:

    1. Login. Select the "My Account" in the upper right.
    2.  In the Subscription list select the  "Renew Subscription" button.
    3.  Select a membership option once again and re-enter a credit card.
    Click here to follow these steps with images
  • How do I cancel or suspend my membership?

    If you wish to cancel or temporarily suspend your subscription please do the following:

    1.  Login. Then go to your Account page (in upper right corner).
    2.  Under Subscriptions select the "cancel subscription" button.

    You will still have full access to the website until your next billing cycle.

    Come back anytime! Simply use your same username and password to log in.

    All of your Favorites, Classes Taken, Comments and Star Ratings will be saved. 

  • How do I upgrade my membership from monthly to yearly?
    Upgrading from Monthly to the Yearly is quick and easy & takes effect immediately. Please follow the steps below. Click HERE for step by step pictures.
    1.  Login. Then click the “Account” link in the upper right of the website
    2.  Select “Change Plan”
    3.  Select the Yearly option
    4.  Select Payment Option ( regular or PayPal )
    5.  Enter in your credit card information again

     If you are upgrading from a Monthly to a Yearly the system will automatically stop your Monthly and then prorate any remaining days left from your Monthly and subtract that from your Yearly Membership. You will not be charged for both memberships. Upgrading takes effect immediately.

Pilatesology Offline Downloads

  • How Do I Add The Downloads To My Mobile Device?
    The Pilatesology Offline Collection of downloadable classes can be added to your mobile device after you have downloaded the classes to your desktop first. It's important to understand that the classes cannot be directly downloaded onto your mobile device. First, plug in your phone/tablet to your computer. For MAC: To add them to your phone/tablet please import the class into your iTunes Library.You can drag & drop or select "Add To Library" from the File drop down menu.  The class will now appear in the "Home Movies" section of iTunes. Next, look for your device from the iTunes left column and select the "movies" folder of your device. Select the class and choose a sync option from the drop down such as "latest 1 movie". Click the apply button in lower right to start the sync. After syncing the class will be added to your device.   For ANDROID: To add the class to your Android mobile device please drag and drop the class from your desktop into the "videos" folder located inside your device. Sync happens automatically. Lucky you.  
  • What is the Pilatesology Offline Collection?
    The Pilatesology Offline Collection is a set of DOWNLOADABLE classes that you may purchase and download to your computer. Once downloaded the classes are yours to keep. They are not linked to any subscription and can be purchased by non members of Pilatesology. Click Here to go to the collection.

PMA Continuing Education Credits

  • How Does It Work?
    The Pilates Method Alliance outlines their CEC requirements HERE. Yeah- that's a lot of reading. Here's what you need to know about PMA CECs plus how the test works on Pilatesology :
    1. Up to 12 CECs may be earned through approved Distance Learning (Online) workshops.
    2. CECs are valid for the calendar year in which you take the test only. The test may be taken each year if you want to earn Credit for the workshop.
    3. Members only pay to take the test. Watching workshops are included with a paid membership. (Not a member? JOIN)
    4. You must answer all questions correctly to pass the test (Score = 100%).
    5. If you do not pass the test you may retake the test for free until you pass.
    6. Test results including passing certificates can be found in your Account page.

ROKU Stuff

  • ROKU Box Link Up and Instructions

    To Watch Pilatesology from your ROKU box follow the instructions below:

    • Find and add the Pilatesology channel from the ROKU channel finder. We are in the Health & Fitness section.
    • Open channel and select “Already a Member?”
    • Your unique code will be displayed on your TV. Keep this screen!
    • From your computer open and login to Pilatesology.
    • Open the “My Account” section ( link is in upper right ) 
    • Select ROKU from one of those big orange buttons at top.
    • Enter in the code from your TV and wait for a little success message to appear. Case sensitive so be sure to capitalize!
    • Almost like magic your TV will respond and open up to all the videos . Navigate with your ROKU remote.
    • Please note: The Free Limited Trial does not have ROKU access activated. You must be a paying member for access.

Security & Safety

  • Is my credit card secure?

    Yes. We take security very seriously and to ensure that your credit information is safe, we have partnered with a leader since 1996 for secure internet transactions: Authorize.Net

    The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway manages the complex routing of sensitive customer information through the electronic check and credit card processing networks. See an online payments diagram to see how it works. adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, including:

    • 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.
    • Industry leading encryption hardware and software methods and security protocols to protect customer information.
    • Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

    For additional information regarding the privacy of your sensitive cardholder data, please read the Authorize.Net Privacy Policy. is registered with the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal program.

Video Streaming Issues

  • iPad Settings for Streaming Issues
    The iPad is a video streaming whiz. In fact, we test our site on the iPad before all other devices. So what if the videos aren't playing on your iPad? Check these settings first:
    1. Select the "Settings" icon on your iPad.
    2. Scroll down until you see "Safari" and select.
    3. Scroll down on the right side of the screen until you see "Block Cookies".
    4. Change this to: "Allow from Websites I Visit"
    5. Two lines above this you will see "Block Pop-ups".
    6. Change this to: "Off" ( green is on)
    7. Since you are already in this section you should "Clear History and Website Data".
    8. The last one is the "Advanced" at the very bottom of the screen. Select and make sure "JavaScript" is turned "On"
    9. Log into the website and see if you can watch videos now!
    If you are still having trouble please plug your iPad into your computer and check for updates. Also ensure that your computer itself is fully updated to El Capitan ( 10.11 )
  • “CONNECTION ERROR” Message When Trying To Watch Videos
    If you are experiencing a  "Connection Error" message when trying to watch videos AND you are using a Mac then your system may need to be updated. If possible we suggest you upgrade to the latest OS which is called El Capitan. Link for El Capitan here: Check this link to see if your computer meets the requirements for an upgrade: For those who don't know which version or OS you have, here is how to tell: In the upper left of your computer is the apple icon. Click & select "About My Mac". The window that opens up will have the numbers and version. If you are BELOW 10.9 ( i.e. you are 10.7.0 or 10.5 or 10.8.0 etc.. ) then you should upgrade all the way to the latest version ( 10.11.0 ) called El Capitan. **IMPORTANT: Once you complete the update you do not need to sign up for, or create any " iCloud" account. You can just select "skip this step" through all of that !!
  • My Internet is strong but the videos still won’t play?

     There can be numerous reasons why the videos won't play but please read through this section and try these options:

    Clear your history/cache/ data browsing 

     log out of the website. Then go up to your browser tabs at the top of the screen and select the “HISTORY” tab. Look for the option to “Clear Your History”. This is different for each browser ( Chrome Browser calls this “Browsing Data”) You want to try to empty the CACHE, COOKIES, and HISTORY. Now refresh the browser window a few times. Ok- log back into the website and try a video.

    Browser Plugins There are countless plugins/extensions available for all browsers. They typically enhance the browsing experience for the user. Sometimes they can significantly change how content appears on webpages. For instance, an ad blocker plugin may block banner ads and video ads. However, blocking video ads may cause Pilatesology's video to playback in unexpected ways. If you have added any Ad Blocker plugins we suggest disabling them and test.

    Update or try another browser

    Go to this link to see if your browser needs updating: . Please update to the latest version. Chrome browser is the most video friendly followed by Firefox & Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer ( I.E. ) please download one of these other browsers listed below. Internet Explorer gets no love from tech companies.



    Update your flash player (for non Mac users).

    If you are using a PC then you must have the latest Flash Player installed to stream video.

    Go here–> and make sure you are running the latest version of Flash player.

    If you are still having issues please read the "Connection Error" faq section and see if you need to update your operating system.


  • What if I have weak Internet?

     Here is a quick fix for a weak internet connection:

    Change the “Quality Selector”:

     This is simple: Pick any video as if ready to watch. Look at the lower right of the player and you will see this: ”720p” - Select this and change to a lower number ( 480p or 360p ) Then press play. You can change this setting at any time if you have a better internet connection. 720 is HD. Also, try locating yourself closer to the router that is sending out your internet Wifi signal. Close all other applications that use the internet like iTunes, email, YouTube etc… If you are at home kick everyone else who is online off.

    *Important! If you are traveling, on a train etc..switch to your 4G or data network if the Wifi is spotty (goes up and down in strength).

    WHY: Internet connections fluctuate in strength, especially Wifi, and this makes streaming videos difficult. Our videos automatically adjust to your bandwidth and send a lower quality video if your connection is slow or weak, but if the bandwidth jumps around too quickly, the videos have a hard time “switching.”

  • Will Pilatesology work on my first generation iPad?

    Pilatesology WILL play on first generation iPads as long as the Operating System us fully updated to 5.1.1 ( the max for 1st gen. iPads ) BUT you will need to revert back to the "Legacy Player". You switch the player in the “Account” section of the website ( upper right once logged in)  simply scroll down until you see the option to select the "Legacy player". Remember to click the update button !!