Designer Magic Circle Mat

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This is the workout named for the famous designer (hint: first name is Norma, last name starts with a K) who liked to work extra hard to look great next to the models who wore her fashions. Using the original style Magic Circle makes the workout even tougher—it is stronger than most circles and the pads are slightly slippery to make you work to hold the circle properly (you might want to avoid lotion beforehand or you won’t be able to hold on). If you’re looking for maximum lifting, sculpting and toning, you’re going to love this class. For info on training with Kathi visit:

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  1. hydration2000 7 months ago

    Dream Teacher!!!! Love it!

  2. Lucerobarry
    Lucerobarry 9 months ago

    Thank you! Great pick-me-up after a long morning of teaching! Super appreciate it!

  3. Theodora
    Theodora 2 years ago

    It appears that at the last standing series with one leg front back and to the side (@ around 32:00) they shift sides but not legs so the same leg gets repeated twice? Or is this the way it’s supposed to be? What a great total body workout though, I loved it, and even though (as someone mentions above) I too was a bit sceptical with Kathi’s outfits and shoes back in the day, now I’m just admiring her figure and posture!

  4. wildwoodmommy 4 years ago

    YOUR so awesome Kathi.. One-day I will meet you and attended one of your classes.. MY dream…

  5. Katarzyna Dabek 4 years ago

    at first try an inconspicuous workout that however shows its power a day after, my thighs just adored it!
    p.s. amazing outfit, i like the way you embrace your feminity 🙂

  6. carmen
    carmen 5 years ago

    Great vid Kathi! Interesting about the MC and the tension. I ordered the Stamina and yes they are soft! Also, I love how you adjusted the teacher’s stance to correct the movement of the pelvis/femur — that is an amazing teacher’s ability to correct a movement pattern that with time can be debilitating and we need to listen for those “clicks, pops and crunchingness” — And then you went right on filming the the vid! Awesome.

  7. Smallstitches 5 years ago

    What band resistance do you recommend if I can only buy one circle? Is there a common size typically used?

  8. soul_eil
    soul_eil 6 years ago

    As one of my clients says to me “You’re just mean enough” :)) Kathi, you are just mean enough..when I want a booty kicking for myself, I take one of your classes on this site!

  9. lainey48 6 years ago

    Great workout! Wonderful teacher. Love your classes. I love props makes mat workout fun. I wish you would do a class on the foam roller or large exercise ball.

  10. yoginat 6 years ago

    Great workout but those shoes. What is she thinking? There is no excuse for those. especially in a pilates environment

  11. I love this one! Hard but Kathy’s personality kept me engaged the entire time!

  12. pilatesangel 6 years ago

    yowza! Lots of fun! You girls made the transitions on side look so easy. I was not so lucky. Feels like I just had a great chair class!

  13. Alisa Wyatt

    That just perked my booty up after teaching all morning :)! Thanks Kathi!

  14. joesmat 6 years ago

    Did not know there were three different strengths of Magic Circle available.Really enjoy the variations. Thank you very much.

  15. sghughes 6 years ago

    That was a great workout and I felt it for days! Definitely avoid the lotion beforehand!! Thank you Kathi!!

  16. Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 6 years ago

    Kathy that was so great. I can’t wait to wear to try this class. You all look fabulous.

  17. Reb 6 years ago

    Great class as usual. A little off the subject, but what is that exercise that you are doing with Chris Robinson on the wunda chair on the pilatesology blog?
    I have not seen that one.

  18. arlene
    arlene 6 years ago

    OMG! I love this lady!….
    Kathi, you’re a radient teacher. Thank you for another spectacular class. I enjoyed it immensely!

  19. WOW! That was amazing and I can’t wait to incorporate this into my classes. Thank you!

  20. Thanks Kathryn, I had so much fun doing this workout! Had so much fun working out with Stacy & Lauren… 🙂

  21. lghammerle

    Thank you Kathi! What a great workout!

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